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About AdHoc


Since 1995, the AdHoc team has been developing, designing, and producing according to our principle: "design follows function". This principle follows the idea: more solid functionality, more beauty, more quality – more value. Our kitchen and dining gadgets, like our Pepper Mill, are thoroughly designed with elegance and simplicity in mind.

AdHoc Offers Tools Made for Now

The innovative functions of each item are a true rarity. Our sophisticated products help you to concentrate fully on implementing your kitchen and dining ideas. For suitable kitchen professionals, all tasks can become a thrilling experience.

The best ingredients and high-quality spices call for a delicious dinner. Our items are the right accessories for the entire process of preparation, cooking, and serving. Our accessories allow for these tasks to be performed perfectly.

German Design and Functionality

Our products are developed with elegant German design and functionality. Our devotion to the perfect taste, pleasing design, elevated quality drives us to produce one-of-a-kind products.

Be it the introduction of the world’s first electric stainless steel mill with an acrylic window, the ceramic knife, or the Chili Spice Grinder with its most beautiful shape – we are passionate inventors.

Our developers and product designers combine technology and design with knowledge and proficiency. Together with our team of production partners, we don't only concentrate on the sale, we focus on providing our customers with excellent and timeless items!

An Awarded Brand

Our products have won several awards – nationally and internationally. This underlines our claim to be present in the market by having operative and aesthetically developed products. 



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