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Level Up Your Seasoning Skills

Make this the year you resolve to take your cooking skills from average to awesome.

As fall approaches, many of us set goals to expand beyond our beloved high-rotation menu items, eat healthier and reduce food waste. But as easy as new year’s cooking resolutions are to make, they can be hard to keep—especially without a plan. To avoid becoming overwhelmed and giving up, start simple and take your “new you, new cooking skills” journey one step at a time. Ahead, discover tips for your new year’s resolution cooking that will help you do just that.


Resolution: Master the Basics

There’s no shame in starting at the beginning. A good foundation is key and will only make it easier to advance when you’re ready. Start by filling out your kitchen with a few must-have fundamental items, including:

AdHoc Twin Salt and Pepper Mill Gift Set

Demonstrate good taste by adding the TWIN Salt and Pepper Mills to your kitchen and table!


AdHoc Pepe Chili Cutter and Spice Grinder

The AdHoc PEPE Chili Cutter is specially designed to cut dried chilis. The stainless steel and acrylic design makes for a beautiful addition to your kitchen and turns any dry spice into a real eye-catcher on your table.


AdHoc Crush Wood and Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle

Extract freshness, bright colors, and exceptional flavors from fresh herbs and spices with the durable and classic-styled Crush Acacia Wood and Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle.


AdHoc Muskatino Nutmeg Mill and Grinder Stainless Steel

The woody, nutty, and sweet flavor of freshly ground nutmeg is the perfect addition to soups, coffee, and oatmeal! The AdHoc Muskatino Stainless Steel Nutmeg Mill and Grinder provides the addition of this spice in the right amounts. 

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